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Brand: Olien Body

Product Description

Sensual and elegant, this dynamic scrub brings you a rich vanilla scent with a refreshing coconut oil and sugar base that’s sure to leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

  • Our Vanilla Scrub exfoliates and moisturizes your system so you can enjoy the vibrant skin you love.
  • This all-natural sugar scrub is a gentle, sugar-based body exfoliant that hydrates skin with virgin coconut oil.
  • Harness the power of face wash, exfoliation, eye makeup remover, and moisturizer all-in-one!

Inspiring feelings of wellbeing, pleasure, and happiness, you’ll find this tantalizing combination is the luxurious, rejuvenating experience you need every single day. Whether you choose to use this sensual and elegant sugar scrub as a moisturizer, makeup remover, or shaving cream, you can expect soft, glowing skin after each use.


  • 100 percent all-natural, non-synthetic
  • No animal testing is conducted on Oliën Body’s products or ingredients.
  • Made With ♥ in Fort Collins, CO

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