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Product Description

Awaken your soul with this soft, refreshing combination of vanilla and mint. In Greek mythology, Pluto, god of the dead, fell in love with Minthe (a nymph), making his wife, Persephone, very jealous. In a fit of revenge, she turned Minthe into a plant but, out of respect for her beauty, ensuring her a fragrant aroma. We’ve attempted to recreate that aroma in our Vanilla Mint Sugar Scrub.

  • Our vanilla mint sugar scrub is a gentle, sugar-based body exfoliant that hydrates skin with virgin coconut oil.
  • Perfect for utilizing as a face wash, exfoliant, eye makeup remover, or shaving cream and moisturizer.
  • Each ingredient in this all-natural sugar scrub was chosen for a specific therapeutic reason.

Because we offer only all-natural sugar scrubs, you won’t find any unnatural ingredients in any of our scrubs. Whether you decide to use this sugar scrub for removing eye makeup, exfoliating your skin to a glowing radiance, or as a moisturizing shave cream (or all three!), you can rest assured you’re using a sugar scrub that’s devoid of any harmful ingredients.


  • 100 percent natural, non-synthetic
  • Made With ♥ in Fort Collins, CO

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