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Brand: Olien Body

Product Description

A Sweet & Woodsy Scent

We’ve harnessed the healing power of the eucalyptus plant to bring you this mesmerizing blend of virgin coconut oil, lanolin, and essential oils distilled from eucalyptus plants which are known to have great benefits with concentration and respiratory health.

  • Our sugar scrub contains absolutely no artificial ingredients, fillers, alcohol, artificial colors, or unnatural preservatives.
  • Each ingredient is included for a therapeutic reason.
  • No animal testing is conducted on Oliën Body’s products or ingredients.
  • This sugar scrub works wonders when shaving.

This sugar scrub’s gentle exfoliating and refreshing moisturizing effect rejuvenates your skin, replenishes your vitality, and inspires your life


  • 100 percent natural, non-synthetic
  • Made with ♥  in Fort Collins, CO

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