Olien Body

Dreamy Soft Skin. Radiant Energy.

Growing up in the heart of Colorado, Adrienne was used to long stretches of hot, dry weather, and she had a ritual of applying lotion every morning after getting out of the shower.

While the lotion kept her skin from drying out, Adrienne hated its artificial fragrance and greasy after effect. She knew there must be a better way to moisturize her skin.

Finally, she decided she deserved something better. She wanted to feel radiant, energized, and silky soft each morning. And she wanted to feel that way using something natural and healthful.

That’s when, in the summer of 2014, Adrienne created a magical body scrub that did the trick. This scrub was gentle enough for everyday use, healthy for her body, and left her glowing and happy every single morning. 

The solution was beautiful and simple: the finest grains of sugar cane perfectly blended with virgin coconut oil. When Adrienne’s friends found out about Olien, word spread fast. Everyone was clambering for more of this exceptional scrub.

Unlike other brands, Olien is 100% free of artificial ingredients, filled with essential, plant-based oils used over the centuries for their rejuvenating properties. Even better, this scrub is more than just a moisturizer – perfect as a face wash, exfoliator, or even a make-up remover. 

Now, you have a scrub that leaves your skin smooth and soft – giving you the vibrant energy to breeze through your day.