#OlienBody has quickly become one of my all time favorite sugar scrubs! Finding something that isn't too harsh for my sensitive skin can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack. With Olien, it's gentle enough for me to use every day without worry!

Sara C.

I am so happy to have found #OlienBody! I love the way my skin feels after using the sugar scrub. Its intoxicating and the soothing smells are so relaxing!

Lindsay Q.

I surprised my girlfriend with #OlienBody's Sugar Scrubs for Valentine's Day and she loved it. I'm not making this up, she literally threw away all of her lotions.

Chris B.

When I touch my skin I swear it feels like velvet.

Tayler D.

I swear it is the silkiest feeling I’ve ever felt from a sugar scrub.

Lisa A.

I love how the scent of this scrub helps me wake up in the morning.

Tayler D

As soon as I open the jar, I get that luxurious aroma like I’m relaxing in the spa.

Lily O.

I love how it makes my skin feel - this is perfect for the summer.

Adriene G.

This literally turns my skin into velvet, and now I find any excuse to shower just so I can use it again.

Debbie G.

I don’t even need moisturizer after I use it in the shower, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling waxy.

Sarai J.

A cheetah doesn’t change its spots, but our exfoliating Coconut Oil & fine sugar scrub can help change yours!